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Climate Clothing

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Clothing With A Cause

Climate Clothing is dedicated to bringing about real change in the fight to protect our beautiful planet. The goal of our company is to not only raise money for these causes that we feel so passionately about, but, to spread awareness of the ever-surmounting environmental crisis and to build a community of people willing to do their part and let their voices be heard. 


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Polar Collection

Our polar collection directly supports Polar Bears International, an organization dedicated to conserving Polar Bears as well as the sea ice habitat that they, and many other species, call home.

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African Collection

Our African Elephant collection directly supports the Mara Elephant Project, a conservation project that employs Maasai rangers in Kenya who protect elephants against poaching, fight habitat destruction, and promote co-existence between the expanding human population and the thousands of elephants that call this area home.

Sea Turtle Collection

Our Sea Turtle collection directly supports the Sea Turtle Conservancy, an organization fighting to ensure the survival of sea turtles in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific through research, policy, and education.

river flowing in the forest. Aerial view.jpg

River Collection

Our River collection directly supports American Rivers, an organization fighting to ensure rivers across America remain pristine recreation spots, clean water sources, as well as healthy ecosystems for all of the animals that inhabit them.

More Coming Soon!

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