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Climate Clothing was first conceptualized after an eye-opening trip to the front lines of climate change in America, Alaska. The sheer beauty was astounding. However, it was obvious that this place has been greatly affected by the climate crisis.


Overlooking a glacier that was quickly disappearing, I felt compelled to do more to help fight to keep these beautiful places around for generations to come. I thought for months about how to reach more people to inspire action and grow a community that cares for our planet the way we should. This is how I started Climate Clothing LLC.

Unkown Glacier.JPG

Climate Clothing makes fun everyday clothing that directly benefits organizations fighting to protect this earth and the species that call it home and is meant to start a conversation about climate change, in a casual and productive way. Climate Clothing is dedicated to bringing about real change in the fight to protect our beautiful planet. The goal of our company is to not only raise money for these causes that we feel so passionately about but to spread awareness of the ever-surmounting environmental crisis and to build a community of people willing to do their part and let their voices be heard. Thank you for reading our story, and we hope that you join our fight to protect this irreplaceable planet.

-Zackary Smith; Owner & CEO

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