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Our Causes

We, at Climate Clothing, have selected various organizations to support that are doing meaningful work in protecting and conserving this earth and the species that live here. Each of these organizations is doing active fieldwork, are clear about how their finances are used, and are working to preserve and protect an aspect of our environment that we feel passionately about.

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Polar Bears

With teams of scientists and conservationists in Alaska, Canada, and Norway, as well as in zoos across the world, Polar Bears International is dedicated to ensuring the long-term survival of wild polar bears and the unique ecosystem in which they live.

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Sea Turtles

Funding active projects in Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, and Bermuda, the Sea Turtle Conservancy is fighting to protect all sea turtle species in these areas as they are one of the most important indicators for the health of the global marine ecosystem.

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African Elephants

Employing Maasai rangers and partnering with dozens of organizations, including the Kenyan government and Kenya Wildlife Services, the Mara Elephant Project's mission is to protect elephants and their habitat in the Greater Mara Ecosystem. 

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The brainchild of YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, #TeamTrees is a collaborative fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation and has been supported by hundreds of content creators, high profile businesses, and hundreds of thousands of everyday people wanting to plant trees in order to better our planet. 

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Through protecting, cleaning, and restoring wild rivers, removing harmful dams, and conserving clean water sources, American Rivers is working to ensure our rivers are able to provide people with peaceful recreation and a fresh water source as well as to provide the animals that live there a healthy habitat for years to come.

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With the success of their #TeamTrees project, MrBeast and Mark Rober wanted to continue to make an impact and therefore founded the #TeamSeas project. The content creators teamed up with the Ocean Conservancy and the Ocean Cleanup to remove millions of pounds of marine debris from the ocean.

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